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November 2006

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published November 2006.

Book Review

Satan's Stronghold

by Jill Allen

The book’s constant use of verbal volleys, unexpected events, and ventures into the dark and dangerous bayou keep the plot going at full-tilt. Robert Gallant’s Satan’s Stronghold explores the complexities of relationships and the... Read More

Book Review

While Waiting

"While Waiting" positions expectations by invoking Hoosier poet James Whitcomb Riley; its stories present couples at dances relishing their evenings to the tune of “In the Mood” and “Darkness on the Delta.” The war generation... Read More

Book Review

Big Easy

Forget it Jake — it’s Chinatown. —Robert Towne Chinatown screenplay 1973 Not far into Eric Wilder’s New Orleans crime and voodoo novel "Big Easy" the underlying structure begins to strongly suggest that of a screenplay. Utilizing... Read More

Book Review


Shitkickings drag races barfights and arguments buckets of blood gallons of high-octane tits ass vulgar language and bad morale. Finally a novelist with the guts to vigorously attack North America’s most devastating cultural... Read More

Book Review

The Man Who Saw God

Michael doesn’t consider himself to be a religious man but he finds himself full of questions about God. In search of a spiritual mentor he looks for answers about some unusual personal experiences. His questions aren’t so much about... Read More

Book Review


“What hurts my brother hurts me” is the motto displayed throughout Coble’s son’s school and a good summing up for this entire text. Detailing early life influences as she discusses the impact of three key historical American... Read More

Book Review


Jennifer a reporter and Donald a photographer come to the town of Parkerville Pennsylvania to cover the story of a student librarian found crucified in the school library apparently by supernatural forces. The murder took place two years... Read More

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