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October 2003

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published October 2003.

Book Review

Perpetually Cool

by Johanna Massé

Before there was Lucy Liu there was Anna May Wong, a pioneering Asian American who defied cultural prejudices to become one of the most famous women in the world. In a time when Asian film roles generally went to European Americans in... Read More

Book Review

Adventures of Riley

by Linda Salisbury

The redheaded Riley is off for an adventure in South Africa with his “wild” Uncle Max, whose mission as a wildlife conservationist is to determine if various endangered species are increasing or decreasing. As soon as the safari... Read More

Book Review

A History of the Islamic World

by Bonnie Deigh

Islam: surrender of the self to the will of God. This literal definition of a religion practiced by hundreds of millions of people sounds fearful to Western ears. But in this easy-flowing overview of the history of Islam, the reader may... Read More

Book Review

Lawyered to Death

by Alan J. Couture

Sexual harassment and murder charges embroil the administrator of a large hospital. It’s bad enough when a beautiful hospital staff worker accuses him of sexually harassing her, but when his wife, who was a patient at the hospital... Read More

Book Review


by Paula Scardamalia

Failed intimacy is the repeated theme in this collection of poignant and yet occasionally comical short stories, winner of the 2003 Drue Heinz Literature Prize. Whether between spouses, parents and children, or even friends, intimacy in... Read More

Book Review

Moral Capitalism

by Leonard F. Charla

The author affirms that the term “moral capitalism” signifies something possible and real. He holds that capitalism springs from natural instincts to own and control property. When businesses act using concepts similar to the notion... Read More

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