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June 15, 1999

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that were published June 15, 1999. You can also view all of the books we've reviewed that were published anytime in June 1999.

Book Review

The Chinese Garden

by Rebecca Rego

In 1962, a time in U.S. history when gay fiction was banned and gay studies unheard of, Manning wrote a novel about sexual awakening set during an even darker age, the late 1920s. Now re-issued in its first edition since 1984,... Read More

Book Review

Collection by Design

by Sharon Flesher

Any owner of this paperdoll book is almost guaranteed to have the most extravagantly dressed dolls in town. The costumes, drawn from the Jerry Silvermann/Shannon Rodgers Collection at the Kent State University Museum, accurately... Read More

Book Review

Psychic Reality

by Wendy Martin

To see, smell, taste, touch and hear is not enough. Psychic awareness is essential in creating an accurate reality, according to Cracknell. The author promotes psychic ability as a practical necessity for anyone seeking legitimate... Read More

Book Review

Lead Us Into Temptation

by Judy Hopkins

If hunger has no ambition, why do we still buy so many things once our basic needs are fulfilled? According to Twitchell, culture critic and author of Lead Us Into Temptation, it is the “getting and spending” we crave, thereby... Read More

Book Review

Halfway Up the Mountain

by Sophia Tarila

With such an elucidating subtitle, the book begins with definitions of enlightenment compiled from various contemporary teachers such as Andrew Cohen, Joan Halifax, Sensei Dana Henry, Jakusho Kwong Roshi, Lee Lozowick, Charles Tart and... Read More

Book Review

The Mass Market Woman

by Jackie Ankerson

In The Mass Market Woman, McBryde writes how affected women are by the standards set by the beauty culture. She gives many examples of how culture puts a large emphasis on the way a woman looks, their focus and sometimes their obsessions... Read More

Book Review

The New Prince

by John Arens

Arthur M. Schlesinger taught past presidents an important lesson: If you want escapees from your administration to write glowing memoirs or how-to books for aspiring politicians about you, make sure to get assassinated. If you live to... Read More

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