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Technologically advanced humanity insists that people surround themselves with the appurtenances of civilization, but into this catalog by necessity creeps the fixtures of... Read More

Book Review

Black Eden

A small, rural town in north-central lower Michigan, Idlewild is barely a wide spot on U.S. Highway 10, with very little to separate it from the blur of other near-ghost towns... Read More

Book Review

America's Song

History can be enchanting. Too often it is relegated to forensic inquiry, where vast armies and larger-than-life characters engulf simple lives, at which point all present-day... Read More

Book Review

The New Prince

Arthur M. Schlesinger taught past presidents an important lesson: If you want escapees from your administration to write glowing memoirs or how-to books for aspiring politicians... Read More

Book Review

God and the Gun

Kurt Vonnegut once said that everything he had written could be neatly boiled down to a single sentence. After a broad confession like that, a person might respond: Why bother... Read More

Book Review

Black Sheep

In a historical context, society and its collective memory consumes wars by the mouthful, in big gulps, and tends to remember them by their cumulative titles: The... Read More