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Psychic Reality

Developing Your Natural Abilities

To see, smell, taste, touch and hear is not enough. Psychic awareness is essential in creating an accurate reality, according to Cracknell. The author promotes psychic ability as a practical necessity for anyone seeking legitimate reality. “It can be incorporated into the “normal” five operational senses and can be utilized as a proper sense,” says Cracknell, “your most valuable sense, enabling pursuit of wisdom, energy, serenity, and truth, according to your present level of awareness.”

Cracknell’s success as a psychic detective endorses his confidence in psychic abilities. In the 1980s he assisted British police in solving famous cases including the “Yorkshire Ripper case” and the Janie Shepard murder case. As a reliable resource for the British Police in solving crimes, his reputation is unquestioned.

“All people have inherent psychic ability that can be beneficial in everyday life,” Cracknell claims. He then explains that psychic ability begins with psychic awareness; and it is not exclusionary or elitist. He invites any skeptic to practice a simple plant watering experiment, that he outlines, which shows the practical power of psychic energy. The search for psychic awareness begins with meditation exercises detailed step-by-step.

The core chapters of Psychic Reality include definitions of the “paranormal world,” a walk through Cracknell’s personal search for awareness and a description of psychic wilderness. “The psychic wilderness…is all around us, like a layer of atmosphere around a planet. All vibration, all thought, all deeds are there. Everything is there.” Once charted, this wilderness can become as viable as the physical state. Cracknell challenges the scientific community to work with psychic “adepts” to expand human knowledge by recognizing psychic wilderness.

Distractions and obstacles inhibit psychic awareness. Cracknell warns that social conditioning tunes us to the man-made hostile environment; and “any form of secular belief or religion is the biggest obstacle to achieving understanding or awareness.” Without caution, even the earnest student of psychic awareness could be misled by what Cracknell calls “psychobabble con men and women,” or fake practitioners. He offers easy to follow exercises in this book that are crucial to the unfolding of new awareness. His informal writing style is peppered with backyard common sense. “The journey of a million miles begins with the first step…Let us crawl before we can walk.”

What is Cracknell’s psychic reality? “We stand on the threshold of a tremendous leap forward in our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in, where the psychic and scientist could and should work hand in hand with each other to push the boundaries of known knowledge to their very limit, to the tangible benefit of all mankind.”

The most memorable feature in Psychic Reality is the author’s personal commitment to question the boundaries of a traditional science centered world view. His personal experience is unique, and his use of psychic abilities is practical, credible and admirable.

Through loosely connected claims, experiences, exercises and explanations, the author’s thesis emerges. In achieving psychic awareness, we begin to look at the possibility of changing the term “psychic awareness” to that of “awareness of oneself.” The tale is an interesting one, but the conclusion seems familiar: “Know thyself,” as Socrates once said.

Reviewed by Wendy Martin

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