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Book Review


by Kristine Morris

As disturbing as it is beautiful, "Lockdown" is a photographic trek through a city in the midst of a global crisis. The photographs collected in Conor Mitchell’s "Lockdown" chronicle one hundred days of uncertainty and unrest in San... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

"Combinators" is a personalized examination of a programming language concept, seen within its historical context. In Stephen Wolfram’s "Combinators", the significance of abstract programming language concepts are viewed through a... Read More

Book Review

The Best of World SF

by Claire Foster

Although science fiction imagines diverse, imaginative, and frightening futures, genre anthologies rarely achieve the brilliant range and diversity of voices of The Best of World SF: Volume 1. Edited by Lavie Tidhar, this labor of love... Read More

Book Review

Cosmic Odyssey

by Kristen Rabe

Linda Schweizer’s "Cosmic Odyssey" is a thrilling account of the cosmological discoveries of the past century that “pulls back the curtain” on the brilliant, eccentric scientists who achieved those breakthroughs. This exceptional... Read More

Book Review

Georgia O'Keeffe

by Rachel Jagareski

Not just one of the most renowned women artists, Georgia O’Keeffe is one of the most iconic American artists. Her challenges and sustained dedication in achieving this status were great. This new collection of photographs and essays... Read More

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