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Book Review

Ciao Italia

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Mary Ann Esposito is the host of PBS’s "Ciao Italia". Her latest cookbook is the capstone of twenty-eight years of Italian travel and food broadcasting. An engaging cultural translator, Esposito emphasizes regional recipes and distinct... Read More

Book Review

Auseklis Ozols

by Jeff Fleischer

New Orleans-based painter Auseklis Ozols spent decades producing beautiful work that usually depicts real-life subject matter. His work is now celebrated in John Kemp’s book, which features dozens of Ozols’s works and shows his... Read More

Book Review

Bake from Scratch: Volume Two

by Rachel Jagareski

Baking is chemistry; baking is alchemy; baking is craft. Brian Hart Hoffman’s Bake from Scratch: Artisan Recipes for the Home Baker, Volume Two celebrates all of these aspects with more than 600 recipes from the sophomore year of Bake... Read More

Book Review

The Hope of Another Spring

by Matt Sutherland

What is American history other than a record of stuff that happened somehow related to the people and places of this country. Everything in the past is history, and no matter how insignificant, it factors into the character and identity... Read More

Book Review

Last Man Standing

by Gary Presley

"Last Man Standing" is a thoughtful and exhaustive account of the life of Mort Sahl. With Last Man Standing, James Curtis offers a comprehensive and generally admiring biography of Mort Sahl, a stand-up comedian who brought the... Read More

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