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Book Review


by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

Following a family that confronts climate change, the novella "Singularity" reads like a love letter to science. A family’s perseverance leads to breakthrough scientific discoveries in Jayme A. Oliveira Filho and Jayme S. Alencar’s... Read More

Book Review

Wee Willie Sherdel

by Ho Lin

A meticulously researched labor of love, the book is packed with generous helpings of era-specific details. He’s the winningest left-handed pitcher in St. Louis Cardinals history, and he outdueled the Yankees’ immortal Babe Ruth and... Read More

Book Review


by Bradley A. Scott

Music fans will be fascinated by this very personal deep dive into the real life of the blues. For years, Benny Turner was the slim, understated bass player who stood in the background, calmly thumping out the steady, melodically... Read More

Book Review

Rise Up against All Odds

by Barry Silverstein

This inspirational and highly motivational work offers encouragement to those facing adversity. Thandi Boshoma’s "Rise Up against All Odds" is a self-improvement book that includes an uplifting personal story and encapsulates a... Read More

Book Review

Mindfulness Starts Here

by Lisa Bower

Monteiro and Musten help reprogram your brain to become more aware and focused, with practical spiritual exercises. Most people focus on happiness and try to block out life’s darker moments. Lynette Monteiro and Frank Musten suggest... Read More

Book Review

Calico Jam

by Dawn Goldsmith

Joanna, the daughter of a weak, mentally distraught mother and a distant father, tells the story of a 1940s’ childhood in "Calico Jam", a fictionalized version of her life story. Memories flourish at Edgecombe, Joanna’s... Read More

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