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Book Review

At the Edge of the Haight

by Ho Lin

Unsparing but sympathetic, and with journalistic details, "At the Edge of the Haight" begins on an ominous note: a young runaway, Maddy, and her rambunctious dog, Root, happen upon a dying man in Golden Gate Park. A stranger threatens to... Read More

Book Review

The Well of Ice

by Jeremiah Rood

In Andrea Carter’s wonderful Ireland-set cozy mystery "The Well of Ice", murder comes to town over one memorable Christmas week. Sarah Benedicta O’Keeffe—Ben, for short––has lived in Donegal for only a short time. She serves as... Read More

Book Review

Wake Up Grateful

by Melissa Wuske

Kristi Nelson’s "Wake Up Grateful" is a practical, philosophical guide for living a life of deep thankfulness. When Nelson was diagnosed with stage four cancer in 1992, it changed her life. Her book tracks her experiences with cancer... Read More

Book Review

The Girl Who Wasn't There

by Jeremiah Rood

Set in Lake Placid, the sharp-minded thriller The Girl Who Wasn’t There plays with expectations about whom to trust. Sydney had dreams of being a doctor, and he had the smarts to make it happen. Instead, he became the bagman for one of... Read More

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