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Book Review

The Widowed Ones

by Jenna Jaureguy

"The Widowed Ones" is a compelling history text focused on women’s experiences following the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Chris Enss’s inspiring history title, "The Widowed Ones", is about seven women who banded together to overcome... Read More

Book Review

Space Forces

by Joseph S. Pete

Fred Scharmen’s "Space Forces" charts the history of ideas about space travel and living in outer space. What do interplanetary aspirations say about societies, and what ramifications does space exploration have back on Earth? From the... Read More

Book Review


by Suzanne Kamata

In "Correctional", poet and academic Ravi Shankar reckons with his public fall from grace, which landed him in jail, but also allowed for an inside look at the court system of the United States. Born in Washington, D.C. to Brahmin... Read More

Book Review

Carry the Dog

by Karen Rigby

In Stephanie Gangi’s elegiac, absorbing novel "Carry the Dog", a woman reevaluates her photographer mother’s exploitative opus. At fifty-nine, Bea is pained by revived interest in the Marx Nudes, her mother Miriam’s 1960s series.... Read More

Book Review

A Year in the Woods

by Kristine Morris

When responsibilities derailed his childhood dream of becoming a famous explorer, Torbjørn Ekelund felt bereft of intimate participation in the seasonal changes of his beloved Norwegian forests. So he made a decision: once each month,... Read More

Book Review

Imaginary Peaks

by Kristine Morris

Spurred by the infamous Riesenstein Hoax, Katie Ives, editor of Alpinist magazine and a passionate climber, investigates cartographers’ art through history, unveiling the mysterious imaginary peaks, blank spaces, and nonexistent land... Read More

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