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Book Review

Poems and Other Nonsense

by Joseph S. Pete

With lines that trip across a life well examined, "Poems and Other Nonsense" is a humorous and heartfelt collection. Dexter Satterwhite’s poetry collection "Poems and Other Nonsense" is alternately funny and wise with its verses about... Read More

Book Review

Girl Town

by Mya Alexice

Carolyn Nowak’s "Girl Town" is an intriguing, masterful celebration of girls and girlhood that honors young women of every shape, color, and identity with spellbinding, vivid art. Five self-contained comics utilize Nowak’s charming,... Read More

Book Review

Our Failing Constitution

by Claire Foster

"Our Failing Constitution" may have a dark outlook for the Trump administration, but it also compellingly suggests powerful, positive solutions for cleaning house and moving forward. The United States has weathered many disasters, both... Read More

Book Review

Shrouded Truth

by Kristine Morris

"Shrouded Truth" is an alternative, unexpected, and even shocking view of the life and times of Jesus. Reena Kumarasingham’s Shrouded Truth: Biblical Revelations through Past Life Journeys tells Jesus’s story from a most unusual... Read More

Book Review

Their Houses

by Karen Rigby

A foreboding tale of longing for solace ignites the rural West Virginia setting of Meredith Sue Willis’s "Their Houses". Dinah and Grace are sisters whose childhood was marked by their father’s alcoholism and their mother’s... Read More

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