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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that are available for $19.99.

Book Review

Pam and Jodi's Journey

by Laura Leavitt

Pam and Jodi’s Journey is compelling as it portrays students raising consciousness and standing up for their rights. N.K. Beckley’s middle grade novel Pam and Jodi’s Journey is upbeat and informative. It focuses on a deaf student... Read More

Book Review

Kindness Matters

by Rebecca Monterusso

"Kindness Matters" is a charming picture book in which friends work together to solve a problem. Antoinette Clark’s picture book "Kindness Matters" follows bees who are collecting honey to share with the rest of their hive. Sadie wakes... Read More

Book Review

Women Who Dared

by Kristine Morris

Women have always done courageous, daring, and creative things, but their contributions have too long remained hidden. Jeremy Scott’s "Women Who Dared" helps remedy this situation with brief biographies of six women who rebelled... Read More

Book Review

Root Cause

by Karen Rigby

This glamorous thriller is enhanced by Laine’s background as a beverage manager and connoisseur. Ecoterrorism meets terroir in "Root Cause", an incisive new mystery that centers on an international search for the source behind a... Read More

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