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Book Review

Body Positive

by Karen Rigby

Emily Lauren Dick’s radiant handbook "Body Positive" celebrates a wide definition of beauty through photographs, intriguing journal prompts, and an overview of common issues that women face. Focused on the “normal girl who has felt... Read More

Book Review

Table Five

by Emily Kubal

"Table Five" is an exciting work of suspense and adventure. Sally Long’s "Table Five" is a thrilling crime drama full of unexpected surprises as it moves from a restaurant in New York to the black market in Eastern Europe. Courageous... Read More

Book Review

American Dreaming

by Aimee Jodoin

Skewering capitalism ably, "American Dreaming" is a political satire that’s defined by euphemistic humor and a stream-of-consciousness style. In William Wall’s cerebral satirical novel "American Dreaming", a working-class hero is... Read More

Book Review

Charm and Strange Poems

by Claire Foster

"Charm and Strange Poems" is an elegant, unsettling poetry collection that’s concerned with the significance of everyday words, meanings, and forms. Waking and dreaming lives collide in Linda Casebeer’s poetry collection "Charm and... Read More

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