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Book Review

Ship of Fates

by Meg Nola

Caitlin Chung’s wondrous "Ship of Fates" begins with the ancient legend of Wong Zhi Mei, a Chinese bride promised by her family to a foreign suitor. But teenage Mei yearns for true love, and she steals the suitor’s proffered gold and... Read More

Book Review

Pool of Life

by Karen Rigby

Pete Trewin’s British crime novel "Pool of Life" dives below people’s influential veneers to expose the truth of their sins. PI Jack Gordon’s business is on the downturn when two cases promise an uptick: Sarah, an aristocrat from... Read More

Book Review

Capable Monsters

by Karen Rigby

Marlin M. Jenkins invigorates a potent mythology with his collection "Capable Monsters", which is grounded in the beloved Pokémon franchise and which uses its lines to navigate a queer, black life. With entries made original by the... Read More

Book Review

The Wishbone Dress

by Michelle Anne Schingler

The poems of Cassandra J. Bruner’s "The Wishbone Dress" are a torrent on the page, attesting to the traps and triumphs of womanhood, to the liberation of self-naming, and the peace and harmony that come from acknowledging that no two... Read More

Book Review


by Benjamin Welton

Populism has become one of the defining political movements of the twenty-first century, and Carlos de la Torre’s Populisms: A Quick Immersion works to demystify it. Taking on, and taking down, some of the biggest misconceptions about... Read More

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