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Real Hero Shit

A pampered prince joins three adventurers to complete a dangerous mission in the spirited, adult-themed swords and sorcery fantasy Real Hero Shit.

Inspired by conventional role-playing game wisdom, Michel, a thief, Ani, a mage, and Hocus, a cleric, seek to balance their group by adding a fighter. The only person who answers their want ad, however, is Eugene, the prince of the realm, a spoiled playboy who’s also a trained swordsman.

Still, they embark on their mission: to solve the mystery of a village whose inhabitants keep disappearing. Intrigue and surprising revelations follow, and the foursome discover the truth about the missing villagers. The seeds are sown for future adventures.

The book stands as an evolution of the classic fantasy adventure model: while the character classes might be familiar, a wide range of races and genders is represented in the group, and in the people they meet. The heroes are engaging, and the interpersonal friction that results from their very different personalities, backgrounds, and values is as entertaining as the action-packed battle scenes.

The writing balances its suspense with plenty of humor and a dash of sex. The artwork is an appealing combination of anime and traditional cartooning, with handsome colors and an exaggerated yet tasteful style, most evident in the characters’ expressions. A feast for the eyes, the lush landscapes, along with detailed, textured indoor backgrounds, create a fictional world that feels real and lived-in.

Real Hero Shit delivers excitement, depth, and most of all, fun.

Reviewed by Peter Dabbene

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