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Book Review

Guardian of Deceit

by Susan Waggoner

Through the tumult caused by those around him, Darwin seems able to maintain his innate goodness. In "Guardian of Deceit" by William H. Coles, sixteen-year-old orphan Darwin Hastings finds himself—and his enormous trust... Read More

Book Review

Fox Magic

by Catherine Thureson

"Fox Magic" is the emotionally harrowing story of Chance, a twelve-year-old girl struggling to deal with the suicides of her two best friends. The three had made a suicide pact, but Chance ran away at the last minute. Now she feels not... Read More

Book Review

The Monstrous Child

by Hannah Hohman

Hel, Norse goddess of the Underworld, tells her story, on her terms, in "The Monstrous Child". Born in a cave with a snake and a wolf for brothers, Hel is the daughter of a giantess and of Loki, the god of mischief—it’s no wonder... Read More

Book Review

Gone on Sunday

by Petrea Burchard

"Gone on Sunday" mixes the light touch of a cozy mystery, the terrible weight of history, a hint of romance, and the secrets of stifling summer. In Tower Lowe’s delicious and sultry "Gone on Sunday", a forty-year-old murder mystery... Read More

Book Review

Stories of Yesteryear

by Robert Foreman

"Stories of Yesteryear" is an appealing collection of stories about small-town New England life. Harry H. Brown’s "Stories of Yesteryear" provides a textured narrative of Halifax, its residents, and its surroundings. Each story... Read More

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