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Book Review

Valparthan Adventuress

by Delia Stanley

In the science fiction novel "Valparthan Adventuress", women from different planets dream of empowerment, but struggle to attain it. In Dale Shillito’s science fiction novel "Valparthan Adventuress", women scientists fight against... Read More

Book Review


by Carolina Ciucci

"Secrets" is a sensational story about how swinging and espionage merged in the 1980s. With names changed to preserve anonymity, Zillary Zahn’s intriguing cultural history "Secrets" focuses on the possible role that swing parties... Read More

Book Review

This Is How We Change the Ending

by Tanisha Rule

Teenagers take charge in Vikki Wakefield’s coming of age tale, "This Is How We Change the Ending". Nate and his best mate Merrick take the scenic route home each day from school to avoid the local tough guys. The back roads make for a... Read More

Book Review

The Winter Sisters

by Karen Rigby

"The Winter Sisters" is an entertaining historical fantasy in which lives change and minds open. Tim Westover’s eccentric novel "The Winter Sisters", pits Hippocratic medicine against folk remedies with tall-tale flair. The story is... Read More

Book Review

The Third Internecion

by John M. Murray

"The Third Internecion" concludes an epic fantasy trilogy with ruminations on the human condition. In Erik A. Otto’s trilogy-concluding, introspective fantasy "The Third Internecion", a land divided comes together to stop the end of... Read More

Book Review

Ivy Day

by Mya Alexice

Pam Jones’s "Ivy Day" is an eerie, vivid examination of minds warped by obsession and stardom. Jones conjures a deep journey into the heads of five characters, focusing on the particularly unpleasant journey of one JOHN MARK Waterman.... Read More

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