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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 98 pages.

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Book Review

We Stand United

by Kenrick Vezina

Fast-paced epic pulls out all the stops with classic good-guy, bad-guy fantasy. Color-coded warriors with supernatural powers are humanity’s last defense against the Entity, a horde of undead abominations that are “pure evil.” With... Read More

Book Review

The Ordinary Sublime

by Erica Wright

These poems contain that feeling of inevitability only possible in retrospect. The poet is in control as she reflects on a failed marriage and its accoutrements; for example, when she asks in “Attar”: “What can one do, / when one... Read More

Book Review

Singular Bodies

by Holly Wren Spaulding

“Love, what we’ve lived through together / has not killed us yet” are the words of a woman who has lived raw and close to death. The author, a long time AIDS educator, also weathered the trauma of her partner’s organ failure and... Read More