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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 98 pages.

Book Review

Eudora Space Kid

by Ian Dailey

Sure to excite young readers, the welcoming science fiction novel "Eudora Space Kid" explores the galaxy via an audacious girl. In David Horn’s science fiction novel Eudora Space Kid, a mischievous child who lives on a spaceship... Read More

Book Review

Vic City Express

by Meagan Logsdon

"Vic City Express" tackles the migrant crisis in Greece with an unusual perspective. A traveler to Athens endures a racially charged diatribe from a fellow train passenger who decries the influx of foreigners in Vic City, the working... Read More

Book Review

House Is an Enigma

by Matt Sutherland

Gritty, raw, liberated, and twisted into lines of beauty, Emma Bolden’s melancholic realizations mostly relate to her body and her hysterectomy. With multiple collections and an assortment of works in publication, it is no surprise... Read More

Book Review

A Wolf among the Sheep

by Benjamin Welton

This is no ordinary lycanthrope tale, but is instead driven by a highly empathetic beast. Something very weird is happening in the sleepy town of Grand, Oklahoma. A string of animal attacks occurring on full-moon nights starts a rumor... Read More

Book Review

Deir Al Lauz

by Paige Van De Winkle

This beautiful allegorical novel highlights the heartrending issues of Palestinians and refugees with a magical style. "Deir Al Lauz", written by Lama Sakhnini and translated by Sabrina Sakhnini, is a harrowing and stylish novel that... Read More

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