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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 72 pages.

Book Review

This Atmosphere of Love

by Claire Foster

This deeply personal poetry collection is a tender homage to a lady deemed worth celebrating. Franklin Bass Jr.’s sweet and heartfelt poetry collection, "This Atmosphere of Love", is dedicated to his “special lady” and is filled... Read More

Book Review

Silent Lucidity

by Melissa Wuske

"Silent Lucidity" is a heroic and delicate tale of healing from familial sexual abuse. Olivia Benson’s chilling and forthright memoir "Silent Lucidity" recalls the deep trauma of incest and illustrates how healing comes from bringing... Read More

Book Review

The Radical Dreams

by Anitra Budd

The poems in "The Radical Dreams" are resonant, colored by emotional turbulence and finding solace in relationships and the natural world. In his collection "The Radical Dreams", poet Samuel Guest offers striking images and an... Read More

Book Review

A World Diverse II

by Renate Childs

The eloquent language and thoughtful subjects of the poems are made prevalent. "A World Diverse II" by David Edmond is a thoughtful and passionate collection of poems that explores the most universal of life’s experiences. The work... Read More

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