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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 592 pages.

Book Review

The French Resistance

by Scott Neuffer

The new English translation of Oliver Wieviorka’s "The French Resistance" is a hefty, commodious volume allowing for the full breadth of the author’s sophisticated scholarship. This is not a one-sided account of the French resistance... Read More

Book Review

The New Diaspora

by Jeff Fleischer

These stories, all rich in both character and detail, don’t conform to a set genre or approach, letting their Jewish themes link narratives that have rich differences. "The New Diaspora" is an ambitious project, bringing together... Read More

Book Review


by Anna Call

These authors advance a theory of mineral deficiencies, rather than genetics, as cause of diseases. Calling upon the research and theories of Dr. Joel Wallach, "Epigenetics" contends that many diseases currently considered genetic in... Read More

Book Review

What We Have Done

by Jill Allen

Although most Americans have some knowledge of the history of the civil and women’s rights movements, comparatively few possess awareness of the trials and tribulations and subsequent self-determination of this country’s largest... Read More

Book Review

Bill Moyers Journal

by Edward Morris

These are transcriptions of fifty interviews Moyers conducted for the third incarnation of Bill Moyers Journal, which ran on PBS from 2007 to 2010. Politically, he is an unapologetic New Deal/Great Society liberal (he was Lyndon... Read More

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