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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 500 pages.

Book Review

You and I

by Vernieda Vergara

Eglington spins a classic wish-fulfillment erotic fantasy, an escapist interlude where alpha males can sweep willing women off their feet. In You and I: The Kate and Robert Chronicles, Suzanne Eglington continues the story of two lovers... Read More

Book Review

Wind Sprints

by Peter Dabbene

This collection is the perfect introduction to the erudite and entertaining work of a prolific essayist. Noted writer Joseph Epstein offers a smorgasbord of wit in the collection Wind Sprints: Shorter Essays. With "Wind Sprints", Axios... Read More

Book Review

Corn Poll

by Jeff Fleischer

This satire about presidential elections is a fun, and timely, release. In "Corn Poll", a satirical novel by Zachary Michael Jack, a young reporter asks one ill-thought-out question that changes the trajectory of the race for the... Read More

Book Review

The Butterflies' Coat

by Eric Anderson

This engrossing and highly readable book focuses on characters, relationships, and the Caribbean’s changing culture. The Butterflies’ Coat blends together rich characters, inspiring conversation, and intriguing political backroom... Read More

Book Review


“The secret of enduring is not to harden oneself against loss but to soften oneself in acceptance.” Enduring, the latest novel by Donald Harington, depicts 121 years of American history through the life of a very old woman. Panoramic... Read More

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