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You and I

The Kate and Robert Chronicles

2016 INDIES Finalist
Finalist, Erotica (Adult Fiction)

Clarion Rating: 4 out of 5

Eglington spins a classic wish-fulfillment erotic fantasy, an escapist interlude where alpha males can sweep willing women off their feet.

In You and I: The Kate and Robert Chronicles, Suzanne Eglington continues the story of two lovers who have finally consummated their attraction, exploring what happens after the perfect happily-ever-after has been achieved.

After leaving a lackluster first relationship, Kate discovers fulfillment when she cements her relationship with Robert. Meanwhile, Robert has waited years for the chance to make Kate his, and is ecstatic that his time has finally arrived. Their whirlwind romance left little time to learn each other’s foibles, so they begin the acclimation process over the course of their honeymoon and early months of marriage.

While Robert and Kate’s overwhelming mutual attraction dominates their thoughts and actions, lingering doubts highlight the fact that healthy relationships need more to survive. Portrayed in unrestrained detail, the narrative demonstrates that no matter how much a person may know their partner, there are always facets of their lives that remain unknown.

Robert embodies the ultimate erotic fantasy. A stripper, a cop, a skilled fighter, a genius businessman, even a brilliant fashion designer—there is nothing he cannot do. Highly desirable as a potential partner, he funnels all of his love and desire toward Kate, who thrives on the attention. Other women envy her. Robert’s friends adore her and wish they could find such a suitable partner for themselves. And through it all, Kate and Robert flaunt the supposed perfection of their relationship.

But even though the concept of winning an alpha male’s devotion forms the basis for many romantic wish-fulfillment fantasies, Robert’s affections come with a price. The controlling Robert dictates many aspects of Kate’s life, from what car she can drive to what clothes she can wear, even where she can spend her time. The ease with which Kate accepts this behavior can be disturbing.

Numerous sexual escapades punctuate the couple’s efforts to settle into married life. While the exuberance with which the couple enjoys each other is novel, the frequency of their encounters soon becomes tedious as the narrative unfolds. A noticeable lack of creativity marks the sexual scenes; they often proceed in rote, mechanical ways. The decreased variance contributes to the sense of repetition, which detracts from the overall evolution of their relationship.

Despite the problematic issues lurking beneath the surface, Kate and Robert experience few problems. In fact, their whirlwind bliss proves contagious and inspires members of their respective peer groups to find romance with each other. Unlike other series in which these pairings would be reserved for future installments, the newly formed couples consummate largely in the background. Very little conflict takes place in You and I until its final pages, which end with an abrupt cliffhanger.

Eglington spins a classic wish-fulfillment erotic fantasy with You and I, an escapist interlude where alpha males can sweep willing women off their feet.

Reviewed by Vernieda Vergara

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