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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 464 pages.

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Book Review

Future Sounds

by Ho Lin

David Stubbs’s "Future Sounds" takes on the gargantuan task of providing an overview of the entire history of electronic music, from the influence of English philosopher Francis Bacon back in 1626 to the smashing success of electronic... Read More

Book Review

Tasting Georgia

by Matt Sutherland

Ancient, enigmatic Georgia, enviably positioned between the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea, lays claim to one of history’s greatest civilizing feats: the first domestication of wild grapes more than five thousand years ago. This... Read More

Book Review

Salt Creek

by Gary Presley

Settings are technicolor in this brilliant and engaging historical novel. Lucy Treloar’s "Salt Creek" is a mesmerizing novel in which an English woman reminisces about her Australian youth and the tragedies that befell her family. In... Read More

Book Review

O Sing unto the Lord

by Jeremiah Rood

This musical approach to Christian history ignites interest in the story behind Sunday morning hymns. Andrew Gant’s "O Sing unto the Lord" is a fresh and refreshing approach to Christian history, resounding through church music. Gant... Read More

Book Review

The United Continuums

by Susan Waggoner

The end of life on Earth may be nigh in this satisfying, fascinating conclusion to Brody’s dystopia series. "The United Continuums" is the satisfying conclusion to Jennifer Brody’s dystopian young-adult trilogy. After a centuries-ago... Read More

Book Review

Culture Jamming

by Melissa Wuske

This volume is a must for modern day activists hoping to overturn the status quo. Culture Jamming: Activism and the Art of Cultural Resistance, edited by Marilyn DeLaure and Moritze Fink, is an in-depth look at creative means of social... Read More

Book Review

Breana's Full Circle

by Constance Augusta A. Zaber

This is an uplifting tale of resilience with escapist appeal. J. Elaine Cottrell’s Breana’s Full Circle is the rags-to-riches story of a sweet young woman whose faith and kindness are put to the test, but wherein a happy ending is... Read More

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