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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 462 pages.

Book Review

A Month of Murder

by Delia Stanley

In the small town mystery novel "A Month of Murder", no one can be trusted, and the past always reemerges. In David Baker’s mystery novel "A Month of Murder", brutal murders and generational crimes plague a small town. In Yorkshire’s... Read More

Book Review

Simple Simon

by Melissa Wuske

The author’s clear and compassionate voice invites readers inside Simon’s head as he hurts and heals. "Simple Simon", by William Poe, follows Simon Powell through a gritty, painful path and ultimately becomes a story of healing. At... Read More

Book Review

Jericho 3

by Mark McLaughlin

“One day a Christian, a Jew and a Muslim were walking through the valley of Armageddon to have a picnic” is a line that sounds like the opening of a bad joke, but it is crucial to the resolution of "Jericho 3", an exciting and timely... Read More

Book Review

Arctic Labyrinth

For nearly 400 years, the possibility of an open shipping route above North America drew sailors to the top of the globe as surely the North Pole attracted their compass needles. A quicker alternative passage to the long, dangerous ocean... Read More

Book Review


by Whitney Hallberg

Alex Stone has just finished murdering his seventh victim a man who keeps children’s teeth in his refrigerator when his escape is interrupted by the police. As he jumps from the balcony he is shot to death by the officers and plummets... Read More

Book Review


by Lee Gooden

Sexual relations have always been a popular subject for humanity to document—from the Neanderthal cave paintings to Etruscan erotic artwork on the walls of Pompeii; from the pornography empires of Larry Flynt and Hugh Hefner to the... Read More