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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 422 pages.

Book Review

Sugaring Down

by Brandee Gruener

The historical novel "Sugaring Down" shows that it’s all too easy to go too far when you’re trying to change the world. Young activists are determined to transform society in Dan Chodorkoff’s historical novel "Sugaring Down", which... Read More

Book Review

Part of the Family

by Scott Neuffer

"Part of the Family" recalls the terrors of the Holocaust while commemorating heroic humanitarian efforts that saved lives. As pointed out in Jason Hensley’s new work of Holocaust history, the terrible statistics of mass murder can... Read More

Book Review

From under the Snow

by Kai White

Caulfield-like cynicism and insight drive this boarding-school boy to embark on a hitchhiking adventure across 1961 America. “Although this story is inspired by actual events … this story is a lie that tells the truth,” David Beck,... Read More

Book Review

Bid Whist at Midnight

by Cheryl Hibbard

With its abundance of historical detail, "Bid Whist at Midnight" should be required reading for anyone studying the American civil rights movement. Marva Washington’s first novel follows the story of four Southern African American... Read More

Book Review

Restoring the Goddess

by Elizabeth Millard

Appreciation and worship in the Western world of a Goddess, rather than a Judeo-Christian God, is not a new idea. Boston College’s Mary Daly has written for decades about incorporating a female deity into our spiritual realm, and... Read More