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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 416 pages.

Book Review

Long Way Home

by Vivian Turnbull

Lynn Austin’s poignant historical novel "Long Way Home" highlights the heroism of those who lived through WWII. Gisela’s family becomes unsafe as Germany turns hostile toward Jewish people. They secure spots on a boat bound for Cuba,... Read More

Book Review

What Matters Most

by Karen Rigby

A widow returns to her husband’s Nantucket cottage in hopes of restarting her life in "What Matters Most", Courtney Walsh’s wholesome, piercing romance novel about atonement and restored faith. After five years of grieving, Emma is... Read More

Book Review

The Sixteen Trees of the Somme

by Elaine Chiew

Lars Mytting’s "The Sixteen Trees of the Somme" is an intricate and evocative literary mystery about an orphaned Norwegian man whose family history is caught in between two world wars and the German Jewish sides of WWII. Growing up on... Read More

Book Review

Subversive Habits

by Melissa Wuske

Shannen Dee Williams’s "Subversive Habits" is an awe-inspiring history book about Black nuns who fought for freedom and equality. The first comprehensive history of Black Catholic sisters in the United States, this book reveals the... Read More

Book Review

The Founding of Serillia

by John M. Murray

"The Founding of Serillia" is a fantasy novel about truth and the dangers of misinformation. In Brad Bouchard’s fantasy novel "The Founding of Serillia", dark forces move against human beings in a land of magic and political intrigue.... Read More

Book Review

The Blast

by Meg Nola

Joseph Matthews’s clamorous, complex novel "The Blast" is set in San Francisco in 1916. It contrasts the city’s burgeoning capitalist prosperity with its increasing climate of social unrest. Blue is a born San Franciscan of Sicilian... Read More

Book Review

The Lady's Mine

by Karen Rigby

In Francine Rivers’s delightful novel The Lady’s Mine, an exiled Boston brahmin claims her uncle’s property in a “wild and woolly” mining town, flourishing against expectations. Kathryn, whose rift with her stepfather propelled... Read More

Book Review

Justice at Sea

by Jeremiah Rood

Christian Klaver’s delightful fantasy novel "Justice at Sea" blends faerie magic with historical elements to spectacular effect. Justice, of the House of Thorns, is bound to the powerful faerie court through blood and tradition. She... Read More

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