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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 416 pages.

Book Review

A Canon's Tale

by John M. Murray

A Canon’s Tale is a compelling historical novel about a man’s attempts to balance his faith with his duty to the church. In Marilyn A. Schneider’s historical novel A Canon’s Tale, a young man battles his inner demons and urges... Read More

Book Review

The Gentleman's Daughter

by Karen Rigby

Sir Henry March, agent to the crown, returns in The Gentleman’s Daughter, Bianca M. Schwarz’s gritty romance sequel set in the 1820s, when Henry encounters unexpected love. Henry is determined to find a respectable bride to ensure... Read More

Book Review

Echo Tree

by Dontaná McPherson-Joseph

With a new introduction by John Keene and a new foreword by editor Eugene B. Redmond, the second edition of Henry Dumas’s short story collection "Echo Tree" introduces his work to a new generation. Black culture and manhood take center... Read More

Book Review

Dr. Sad

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

David Bateman’s semiautobiographical novel "Dr. Sad" follows a physician through the minutiae of daily life for six months after his HIV diagnosis, creating a “song of himself, lacking in strict continuity, filled with flights of... Read More

Book Review

A Place to Belong

by Alex Dailey

Abbie Williams’s coming-of-age romance, "A Place to Belong", is set against Midwest and Northwestern prairie backdrops. Seventeen-year-old Millie, like all of her women forebearers, has loved and labored in Landon, Minnesota, at the... Read More

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