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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 416 pages.

Book Review

Great Lakes Chronicle

by Anna Call

"Great Lakes Chronicle" is a useful and thorough record of the major projects undertaken on the coasts of Wisconsin. "Great Lakes Chronicle" collects short essays, primarily detailing environmentally-oriented projects centered on the... Read More

Book Review

Patriot or Traitor

by Rachel Jagareski

"Patriot or Traitor" reveals fascinating Elizabethan Walter Ralegh’s accomplishments as a teen soldier, inner-circle courtier, ethnographer/colonizer/pirate, and author. Anna Beer explains why Ralegh’s influence and fortune arced and... Read More

Book Review


by Delia Stanley

M. J. Woods’s "Balance" is a fun and seductive romance novel that develops anticipation for Alexis and Aidan’s next adventure. M. J. Woods’s "Balance" explores emotional themes of family and friendship. It is a sexy romance set... Read More

Book Review

Sector 12 and the Art of Falling

by John M. Murray

With flavors of a western but set in space, this military adventure is over-the-top fun. Joseph Kainz’s raucous, ribald space adventure "Sector 12 and the Art of Falling" follows a heroic agent who’s combating a conspiracy. Ranger... Read More

Book Review

Theory of Bastards

by Monica Carter

Audrey Schulman’s engrossing novel is a combination of dystopian fiction, science fiction, and a love story, uniting bonobos and survival in the not-so-distant future. Dr. Francine Burk, a recent MacArthur winner, has decided to share... Read More

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