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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 412 pages.

Book Review

Size Zero

by Claire Foster

In the world of high fashion, no model is too thin, no price too high, and no design too grotesque. So reveals Abigail Mangin’s painful, zany satirical novel "Size Zero", about the exploitation behind the elaborate fashion shows and... Read More

Book Review

The Case for Pandora

by Claire Foster

"The Case for Pandora" explores the capabilities of modern extraterrestrial travel technology with enthralling vision. James Essig and Steve McCarter’s The Case For Pandora is a technical manual with instructions for building a... Read More

Book Review

It Came by Loss

by Allison Butler

This is a novel of depth and intrigue that shows that sometimes difficulties yield good results. Bill McCausland’s "It Came by Loss" is a flowing tale of love, loss, truth, heartbreak, and joy that details the trials and triumphs in... Read More

Book Review

Come to a Memory

by Susan Waggoner

The book is especially deft at conveying the peculiar isolation of childhood. Life in New Jersey before America’s entrance into WWII is the setting for Frances Webb’s "Come to a Memory", a portrait of childhood told from the... Read More

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