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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 404 pages.

Book Review

You Might Feel a Little Prick

by Delia Stanley

"You Might Feel a Little Prick" is a suspenseful medical thriller that incorporates dark humor into its peek behind the surgery room curtain. In Reuben Leder’s satirical thriller "You Might Feel a Little Prick", lovers and friends... Read More

Book Review

Alien Archives

by Danielle Ballantyne

Robert Silverberg is an enduring voice in science fiction, and eighteen of his extraterrestrial-themed short stories and novellas are included in "Alien Archives", collected for a new generation looking for life beyond our stars. Some of... Read More

Book Review

Flight of the Fox

by Benjamin Welton

Gray Basnight’s "Flight of the Fox" is the ultimate paranoid thriller—a major page-turner dedicated to one wrongfully accused man’s flight from the law. This is a big-league ride from start to finish, and at its core, it discusses... Read More

Book Review

Sodom Road Exit

by Meg Nola

Amber Dawn’s "Sodom Road Exit" combines supernatural erotic tension with the power of love, community, and acceptance, all set against former funhouse glory. The past meets the present with a searing intensity against the backdrop of a... Read More

Book Review

Wild Blue Ponders

by Gary Presley

These are thoroughly American tales—individualistic, friendly, and direct. With Wild Blue Ponders, Max Blue skillfully combines elements from his previous novels to deliver a new, chronological work about young American men and women... Read More

Book Review

Salmon River Kid

by Kristine Morris

The Idaho backcountry becomes another rich character in this tale developed with knowledge and skill. "Salmon River Kid" is Joseph Dorris’s historical novel of a boy’s growth into manhood as he mines for gold amid the dangers and the... Read More

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