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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 400 pages.

Book Review


by Kristen Rabe

Jimena Canales’s captivating popular science text "Bedeviled" concerns the conceptual “demons” that drive scientific innovation. While scientists reject notions of demons in religions and superstition, Canales says, they also... Read More

Book Review

The Love Note

by John M. Murray

In Joanna Davidson Politano’s "The Love Note", an aspiring nurse finds a love letter and is drawn toward a painful family secret. In the summer of 1865, Willa turns down her fourth marriage proposal. Knowing that unmarried women are... Read More

Book Review

She Lies Close

by Delia Stanley

In Sharon Doering’s thriller "She Lies Close", a neurotic mother experiences increasing paranoia and psychosis related to the kidnapping of a young girl. Grace is capable but exhausted on the heels of her difficult divorce from her... Read More

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