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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 400 pages.

Book Review

All the Lost Places

by Karen Rigby

In Amanda Dykes’s mesmerizing historical novel "All the Lost Places", a California man travels to Venice, where he confronts the mysteries around a fabled book. In 1807, Sebastien was set afloat in a canal. He was discovered by an... Read More

Book Review

Sins of the Tribe

by Joseph S. Pete

In the novel "Sins of the Tribe", a powerful football program takes its exploitative methods too far. Mark A. Salter’s novel "Sins of the Tribe" is about the human impact of exploitative college football programs. Brothers Wally and... Read More

Book Review

This Is How We Love

by Kristine Morris

Lisa Moore’s novel "This Is How We Love" is an intimate and complex exploration of relationships—and of what it means to be entangled by the demands of love. Jules and her husband, Joe, are in Mexico when their phones ring,... Read More

Book Review

All We Have to Believe In

by Michele Sharpe

"All We Have to Believe In" is a sprawling historical novel that’s concerned with individual accountability, collective responsibility, and empathy. Set in the period between the World Wars I and II, Jeffrey J. Lousteau’s historical... Read More

Book Review

Woman, Watching

by Kristine Morris

"Woman, Watching" is Merilyn Simonds’s account of the remarkable life and legacy of Louise de Kiriline Lawrence, the amateur ornithologist and author who has been called “the Canadian Rachel Carson.” Born into Sweden’s landed... Read More

Book Review

The Dylan Tapes

by Jeff Fleischer

In 1971, Anthony Scaduto’s Bob Dylan became the first investigative biography of the greatest modern songwriter, examining his formative years in the New York folk scene and the evolution of his musical style and persona. Scaduto... Read More

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