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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 390 pages.

Book Review

The Door-Man

by Karen Rigby

"The Door-Man" is a luminous historical novel about patriarchal mistakes, women’s loves, and haunted sons. In Peter M. Wheelwright’s historical novel "The Door-Man", family legacies and the decommissioning of the Central Park... Read More

Book Review

Finding Hemingway

by John M. Murray

"Finding Hemingway" is a romantic travel adventure with a magical realism twist. In Ken Dortzbach’s heartwarming novel "Finding Hemingway", an overworked lawyer rushes to self-improvement while chasing a literary ghost. Callie McGraw... Read More

Book Review

Jack of Thorns

by Claire Foster

As potent and enchanting as a flower, "Jack of Thorns" is a seductive novel that weaves together elements of romance, pagan spirituality, family trauma, and magic. A man learns that with great power comes even bigger problems in A. K.... Read More

Book Review

We Can Save Us All

by Katie Asher

Adam Nemett’s "We Can Save Us All" is a humorous yet sobering pre-apocalyptic scenario. Realistic and smart, this is science fiction at its best. The world seems to be ending, but David, with a group of intelligent, driven Princeton... Read More

Book Review

Legacy of a King

by Hannah Hohman

"Legacy of a King" is an intriguing, immersive love story set in magical and medieval times. Charlene Sponsel’s "Legacy of a King" is a spellbinding tale of medieval life, love, and politics with magic woven in throughout. Lili is used... Read More

Book Review

New York Station

by Angela McQuay

The subject matter of "New York Station", though centered around WWII, evokes clear similarities between the Nazi era and today’s divisive political climate. Offering an intriguing new angle from which to regard the events leading up... Read More

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