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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 372 pages.

Book Review

The Insignificant Girl

by Aleena Ortiz

"The Insignificant Girl" is a thriller led by a diplomatic woman who seeks freedom from social deceits and sexual oppression. In Tom Fitzgerald’s action-oriented thriller "The Insignificant Girl", a slighted woman rises against... Read More

Book Review


by Michele Sharpe

In David Musgrave’s fascinating novel "Lambda", a woman is enmeshed in conflicts between surveillance police, a synthetic person, and genetically human Lambdas. “A lambda function is a small anonymous function”: this computer... Read More

Book Review

The Dream Stitcher

by Charlene Oldham

"The Dream Stitcher" is a deeply satisfying story in which complex characters come to terms with a painful past. In Deborah Gaal’s novel "The Dream Stitcher", the past, present, fantasy, and reality come together to showcase hope and... Read More

Book Review

The Boy from the Forge

by Laura Leavitt

"The Boy from the Forge" is a skillfully written, nostalgic coming-of-age story. Matt Brandt’s "The Boy from the Forge" is a sympathetic coming-of-age novel in which a young man makes choices that will shape him for decades to come.... Read More

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