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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 372 pages.

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Book Review

The Boy from the Forge

by Laura Leavitt

"The Boy from the Forge" is a skillfully written, nostalgic coming-of-age story. Matt Brandt’s "The Boy from the Forge" is a sympathetic coming-of-age novel in which a young man makes choices that will shape him for decades to come.... Read More

Book Review

Sector 12 and the Art of Burning

by John M. Murray

A snarky, charismatic lead and nonstop action make this series title an irresistible addition. Joseph Kainz’s "Sector 12 and the Art of Burning" blends humor, adventure, and heart into an over-the-top space adventure. Once again,... Read More

Book Review

Resurrection America

by Claire Rudy Foster

Sheriff Rick Johnson has two problems: his present, and his past. Now that he’s safely home from a tour of duty in the Middle East, he’s settled into small-town life in Resurrection, Colorado. Even in that one-horse town, though, his... Read More

Book Review

The Suffragents

by Susan Waggoner

Kroeger provides a nearly minute-by-minute account of organized men’s participation in the fight for women’s suffrage. Brooke Kroeger’s massively researched history, The Suffragents: How Women Used Men to Get the Vote, chronicles... Read More

Book Review


by Stephanie Bucklin

When Stella Blunt arrives at a new school, her abrasive and straight-shooting personality doesn’t make her many new friends—with the exception of Howard “Howie” Mullins, a sweet, shy boy in her Chemistry class who also happens to... Read More

Book Review

Golden Legacy

by John M. Murray

"Golden Legacy" draws on one of piracy’s most iconic woman captains to build a straightforward quest for untold riches. "Golden Legacy" by Robert James Glider depicts a daring crew of treasure hunters in a thrilling global adventure to... Read More

Book Review

A Fine How Do You Do

by Jade Belzberg

This light and readable novel is full of eccentric and charming characters. "A Fine How Do You Do" by Patty Dickson follows a devoted husband of forty years as he abandons his Pennsylvania hometown and takes up residence in a quaint,... Read More

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