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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 372 pages.

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Book Review


by Stephanie Bucklin

When Stella Blunt arrives at a new school, her abrasive and straight-shooting personality doesn’t make her many new friends—with the exception of Howard “Howie” Mullins, a sweet, shy boy in her Chemistry class who also happens to... Read More

Book Review

Golden Legacy

by John M. Murray

"Golden Legacy" draws on one of piracy’s most iconic woman captains to build a straightforward quest for untold riches. "Golden Legacy" by Robert James Glider depicts a daring crew of treasure hunters in a thrilling global adventure to... Read More

Book Review

A Fine How Do You Do

by Jade Belzberg

This light and readable novel is full of eccentric and charming characters. "A Fine How Do You Do" by Patty Dickson follows a devoted husband of forty years as he abandons his Pennsylvania hometown and takes up residence in a quaint,... Read More

Book Review

Missile Paradise

by Karen Rigby

An intelligent plot spans private griefs made public and the plight of Marshall Islanders dealing from fallout, both literal and political. Ron Tanner’s masterful portrait of regret, Missile Paradise, presents characters whose lives... Read More

Book Review

When One Falls Down

by Julia Ann Charpentier

Driven by style, the florid writing of this thoughtful novel hints at sinister omens and suspicious circumstances. This engaging, low-key cliffhanger meanders thirty years into the past to quiet the spirits of those now deceased. Jay... Read More

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