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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 370 pages.

Book Review


by Sonya Lovy

Quantum is a fun mystery, and its action-adventure turns are backed by science as well as history. In "Quantum", by Dean De Servienti, a strange, 250-million year old cylinder that looks like a walking cane is discovered, setting forth a... Read More

Book Review

Glorious Times

by Anna Call

In this genealogy of the Craighead family, the author explores the history and exploits of this famously nature-oriented clan. The tale of the Craigheads begins with the dawn of the American colonies, but the book itself begins with the... Read More

Book Review

Crash Lane News

by James Burt

"Crash Lane News" is an unquestionable bible for those hitting the road, a lifesaver packed in the glove box. Right off the bat, "Crash Lane News" declares itself a self-help book. On today’s highways, travelers have to be aware of... Read More

Book Review

Lies, First Person

by Diane Prokop

Hareven’s brilliant writing is simply irresistible as she traces two sisters’ emotional journeys through recovering from a childhood trauma. In "Lies, First Person", by Gail Hareven (translated from the Hebrew by Dalya Bilu), sisters... Read More

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