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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 365 pages.

Book Review

The Lockpicker

by Jeff Fleischer

Intricate details make this heist-centered crime story literary and memorable. Leonard Chang’s novel "The Lockpicker" is a bit of a hybrid—a pulp crime novel that also becomes a story about the effects of a violent upbringing on an... Read More

Book Review

Chain of Custody

by Sonya Lovy

Gritty and graphic, this mystery probes sex-trafficking rings, with empathy to their victims. Anita Nair’s "Chain of Custody" is a gripping mystery set against the backdrop of India’s hustle-and-bustle cities and landscapes. When a... Read More

Book Review

Howard Zinn

by Henry Carrigan

In his popular and enduring A People’s History of the United States, Howard Zinn offers a very different account of American history than the one that generations of schoolchildren have been taught. Rather than focusing on the elite... Read More

Book Review

Charlene's Dream

by Jeannine Chartier Hanscom

Like many people, Charlene Tomlinson yearns for a loving marriage and a fulfilling family life. Attaining these seemingly simple goals prove far more difficult than she imagined as she faces one tragedy after another, ranging from a... Read More

Book Review

Past the Line

Already a published poet biographer and YA author Milligan has only recently turned his skills to novels for adults. "Past the Line" is his first effort in the suspense/mystery category but his previous experience in captivating an... Read More

Book Review

Smallfish Clover

by Carol Haggas

Man-eating anacondas! Pilfered gold and precious jewels! Such elements fuel the seductively fertile fantasy life young Walter Pace Clover III invents for himself as a means of combating the boredom of accompanying his parents on a... Read More