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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 360 pages.

Book Review

Soul of a Professor

by Mari Carlson

"Soul of a Professor" is an inspiring memoir about a lengthy search for a higher calling. Lisa A. Pruitt’s calibrated memoir "Soul of a Professor" concerns how work once undermined her sense of self-worth. Pruitt grew up in New England... Read More

Book Review

Bad Actors

by Randi Hacker

Mick Herron’s satirical thriller "Bad Actors" follows a singular band of British intelligence agents as they investigate the disappearance of a Russian spy. As a Russian operative seeks to take down the corrupt assistant to the British... Read More

Book Review

Sketchy Characters

by Karen Rigby

In the serpentine mystery novel "Sketchy Characters", a woman adopts a blurry definition of what’s righteous to triumph over threats. In Sheila McGraw’s macabre mystery novel "Sketchy Characters", a woman investigates her friend’s... Read More

Book Review

First Patients

by Carolina Ciucci

"First Patients" is a captivating medical history that centers the patients whose bravery made today’s scientific advancements possible. Rod Tanchanco’s "First Patients" is an engaging history of medicine that delves into the human... Read More

Book Review

The Lighthouse

by Anna Gentry

"The Lighthouse" is a satisfying supernatural novel in which human spirits and resilience win out over loss and despair. In Christopher Parker’s supernatural novel The Lighthouse, grief and love are explored in hopeful and mysterious... Read More

Book Review

The Marching Ant

by Mari Carlson

The captivating historical novel "The Marching Ant" follows a young woman as she gets to know her hero—her grandmother—from the inside out. In Allyson Chapa’s autobiographical novel "The Marching Ant", a grandmother’s and... Read More

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