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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 360 pages.

Book Review

First Patients

by Carolina Ciucci

"First Patients" is a captivating medical history that centers the patients whose bravery made today’s scientific advancements possible. Rod Tanchanco’s "First Patients" is an engaging history of medicine that delves into the human... Read More

Book Review

The Lighthouse

by Anna Gentry

"The Lighthouse" is a satisfying supernatural novel in which human spirits and resilience win out over loss and despair. In Christopher Parker’s supernatural novel The Lighthouse, grief and love are explored in hopeful and mysterious... Read More

Book Review

The Marching Ant

by Mari Carlson

The captivating historical novel "The Marching Ant" follows a young woman as she gets to know her hero—her grandmother—from the inside out. In Allyson Chapa’s autobiographical novel "The Marching Ant", a grandmother’s and... Read More

Book Review

Bride of the Buddha

by Kristine Morris

"Bride of the Buddha" is a luminous, imaginative story of love, courage, and devotion that brings the turbulent times around the birth of Buddhism to life as they were lived by the wife whom Siddhartha abandoned to follow his spiritual... Read More

Book Review

American Dinosaur Abroad

by Rebecca Foster

In "American Dinosaur Abroad", Dutch historian of paleontology Ilja Nieuwland traces the rise of people’s obsession with dinosaurs by way of a set of plaster diplodocus casts that traveled around the world. The diplodocuses tell the... Read More

Book Review

Why Bother?

by Melissa Wuske

Jennifer Louden’s "Why Bother?" turns the despairing question on its head to encourage real change through personal growth. Despair and lethargy often begin at a moment of crisis, but both can lead to lifestyles defined by resignation... Read More

Book Review

More Miracle than Bird

by Ho Lin

History has little to say about Georgie Hyde-Lees, the literary maven who crossed paths with Britain’s brightest artists and eventually became the wife (and muse) of poet William Butler Yeats. Alice Miller’s diverting "More Miracle... Read More

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