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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 351 pages.

Book Review

Moral Hazards

by Benjamin Welton

"Moral Hazards" is an instructional thriller with a clear and important message. Tim Martin’s "Moral Hazards" is a didactic political thriller about rape and war-torn East Africa. Anik Belanger is an idealistic human rights lawyer who... Read More

Book Review

Possess the Air

by Joe Taylor

Taras Grescoe’s artful and detailed "Possess the Air" draws on letters, memoirs, and secondary sources to chronicle twenty years of resistance to Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. Set in Mussolini’s Rome, which lives and breathes... Read More

Book Review

The Condor Song

by Sheila M. Trask

The legal expertise of John Grisham meets the environmental activism of Barbara Kingsolver in this thriller by veteran author Darryl Nyznyk. In "The Condor Song", his third novel, Nyznyk pits down-and-out lawyer Sean Donovan against his... Read More

Book Review


by Lawrence Kane

George Tazoli is a young, successful floor trader at Forest & Vignes bank, an institution reeling from a portfolio of bad loans. He is also dating billionaire bank president Peter Donovan’s daughter, Sam. Although he is an... Read More

Book Review


The questions made him think about his life his homeland his family his mission in fact he became obsessed with the questions. He said them out loud he dreamed about them he wrote them over and over… "Honorbound" is a crackerjack story... Read More

Book Review

Walking to Guantanamo

by Peter Gutiérrez

While reading a travel memoir, you of course want an intriguing location for your virtual visit. You also want a knowledgeable writer for your guide—and an engaging voice, because it’s the personality-behind-the-words that actually... Read More

Book Review

The Dragons of the Storm

by Peyton Moss

The Dragons of the Storm is the second book of George Robert Minkoffs projected trilogy about the founding of the Jamestown colony in Virginia in the first decade of the seventeenth century. As in the first volume, The Weight of Smoke,... Read More

Book Review

Six PM Sunday

by Kathleen Youmans

Steven Adler loves his job. An E.R. resident physician in Orange County he’s seen it all. Trauma victims hit-and-runs heart attacks he’s saved more lives than he can count. Adler’s in love with work and that suits him fine until... Read More

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