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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 344 pages.

Book Review

Water Always Wins

by Rachel Jagareski

Erica Gies’s book documents how conventional water control efforts damage ecosystems and the water cycle, and how they are overwhelmed by natural disasters driven by climate change. Still, whether in Midwestern floodplains, Vietnam’s... Read More

Book Review

The Walled Garden

by Eileen Gonzalez

In Robin Farrar Maass’s academic mystery novel "The Walled Garden", decades-old secrets are given voice by a determined graduate student. After promising to fulfill her grandmother’s dying wish, Lucy travels from California to... Read More

Book Review

Explorers of Deep Time

by Rebecca Foster

“Paleontology is one of the most familiar and accessible of all sciences,” Roy Plotnick proclaims. Why? Dinosaurs, of course. Drawn in as children, a lucky few get the chance to make a career out of serendipitous fossil discoveries.... Read More

Book Review

Face the Night

by John M. Murray

In the supernatural thriller "Face the Night", a determined mother battles paranormal and mundane criminals, all to protect her son. In Alan Lastufka’s taut horror novel "Face the Night", a single mother fights for custody of her son... Read More

Book Review

Hidden Demon

by Delia Stanley

The thriller "Hidden Demon" weaves climate change commentary into its story of a mysterious assassin. In Fish Phillips’s thriller "Hidden Demon", outcast government agents hunt down an assassin whose track leads to a climate crisis... Read More

Book Review

Saga Boy

by Kristine Morris

Taking place across continents, "Saga Boy" is the memoir of a Black Trinidadian who grew into his manhood in Canada, surrounded by whiteness and colonial legacies. Downing’s early childhood was filled with Anglican hymns, British-style... Read More

Book Review

Down with This Ship

by Karen Rigby

In Katie Kingman’s humorous novel "Down with This Ship", a high school junior who leads a double life as a blogger is exposed. But in this sweet exploration of ambition and romance, the introverted, panicky girl discovers that her... Read More

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