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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 344 pages.

Book Review

Hidden Demon

by Delia Stanley

The thriller "Hidden Demon" weaves climate change commentary into its story of a mysterious assassin. In Fish Phillips’s thriller "Hidden Demon", outcast government agents hunt down an assassin whose track leads to a climate crisis... Read More

Book Review

Saga Boy

by Kristine Morris

Taking place across continents, "Saga Boy" is the memoir of a Black Trinidadian who grew into his manhood in Canada, surrounded by whiteness and colonial legacies. Downing’s early childhood was filled with Anglican hymns, British-style... Read More

Book Review

Down with This Ship

by Karen Rigby

In Katie Kingman’s humorous novel "Down with This Ship", a high school junior who leads a double life as a blogger is exposed. But in this sweet exploration of ambition and romance, the introverted, panicky girl discovers that her... Read More

Book Review

Light on a Part of the Field

by Eileen Gonzalez

In Kevin Holowack’s novel "Light on a Part of the Field", members of a flawed, dysfunctional family pursue their separate destinies, even though they cannot break their bonds with each other. Ruth and Al’s marriage was unusual,... Read More

Book Review

To Zenzi

by Molly Sprayregen

In Robert L. Shuster’s gripping novel To Zenzi, eighty-four-year-old Tobias recounts his dark past as a member of the Hitler Youth, which he was pressured into joining when he was thirteen. At first, Tobias believes he’s fighting for... Read More

Book Review

Where Madness Lies

by Monica Carter

"Where Madness Lies" is an utterly compelling historical novel about the Nazi genocide, told from the perspective of psychiatric patients who reveal the generational impact of mental illness. The two-part story begins in 1934 in Germany,... Read More

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