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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 344 pages.

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Book Review

Panic Years

by Claire Foster

Daniel DiFranco’s intimate novel "Panic Years" follows a twelve-week tour of everywhere-but-nowhere, through tiny clubs, on filthy stages, and across long stretches of highway. Life as a gigging musician is rough. Twenty-eight-year-old... Read More

Book Review

The Cash Ceiling

by Mya Alexice

Nicholas Carnes’s "The Cash Ceiling" aims to answer daunting questions, and skillfully follows through. Discussions of the lack of class diversity in American political offices are in the spotlight. A focus on inclusion has led to... Read More

Book Review


by Matt Sutherland

Genius is as genius does. With fortuitous circumstances, genius can do more. Take Leonardo: The illegitimate son of a notary in the 1450s, he was blessed with paper and ink for playthings, and it became the material he used to express... Read More

Book Review


by Catherine Thureson

Adolescent Josh is not fond of his life in Sugar Creek, Illinois, a small town where not much happens. When he learns that his mother has been seeing his ex-stepfather again despite an order of no contact, things get worse. But then an... Read More

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