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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 334 pages.

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Book Review

The Silver Horn Echoes

by Eva Schegulla

This excellent historical tale is driven by action and heart-pounding heroism. "The Silver Horn Echoes" by Michael Eging and Steve Arnold is a sweeping historical epic that is rich in its characters, plot, and legend. Built around the... Read More

Book Review

Spirit in the Rock

by Joseph S. Pete

Compton skillfully brings to life a fierce fight on the frontier. Jim Compton’s "Spirit in the Rock" tells the captivating story of the Modoc War, the most expensive Indian conflict in American history. This well-researched book by a... Read More

Book Review

The Recipe

by Jade Belzberg

"The Recipe" is an intensive look at how one can find love—in themselves and in a lover—and keep it strong. The Recipe: Love Made Simple, by Dr. Rick Blum, is the complete guide to love. While the title sounds suspiciously... Read More

Book Review

Volver Is to Return

by Carol Davala

With its focus on love, family, and forgiveness, this memorable work instills a feeling of hope even in the darkest of times. In Rebeca Rios-Kohn’s engaging, multifaceted saga "Volver Is to Return", a devoted woman deals with... Read More

Book Review

Most Perfect Things about People

by Karen Rigby

At the luminous center of this novel is a family that, however they are dispersed, finds a way to endure. Most Perfect Things About People is a naturalistic novel-in-portraits that explores violence in Southern Ontario. With remarkable... Read More

Book Review

Hidden Magic

by John M. Murray

"Hidden Magic" breathes new life into the urban fantasy genre. In Hidden Magic: The Portal Opens, the mythological and the everyday collide as a young girl comes into incredible power with the fate of two worlds hanging in the balance.... Read More

Book Review

Unconventional Love Affair

by Claire Foster

A couple are made for each other in this convincing romance. The tension in this coming-of-age romance hinges on a twelve-year age difference between Brad, an Iraq War veteran, and Linda, a recently divorced single mother. Their shared... Read More

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