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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 334 pages.

Book Review

Ghosts of the Past

by Benjamin Welton

In the charming historical thriller "Ghosts of the Past", a man hunts for a rumored Nazi treasure—but he has competition. Mark Downer’s "Ghosts of the Past" is an exhilarating and labyrinthine thriller centered around a large hunt... Read More

Book Review

Now Before the Dark

by Claire Foster

The feckless Sloot returns in "Now Before the Dark", the third book in Sam Hooker’s Very Serious Darkness series. Once an accountant for gangsters, and a former ghost who’s been transfigured into a demon, Sloot endures farcical... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

"Fixer" is an engrossing novel in which five young adults come of age, held together by the trappings of modernity. In Sally Vedros’s unflinching novel "Fixer", a group of friends construct their futures together, breathing new life... Read More

Book Review

The Parasol Flower

by Monica Carter

In Karen Quevillon’s novel "The Parasol Flower", a doctoral candidate, Nancy, becomes so entranced by an illustration of a painting that she stumbles upon during her research that it changes the course of her life. The painting is the... Read More

Book Review

The MIT Murders

by Benjamin Welton

"The MIT Murders" is a perfectly plotted mystery that focuses on the fascinating world of biotechnology. Stephen L. Bruneau’s "The MIT Murders" is a spectacular mystery that combines cutting-edge biotech, mad science, a conspiracy, and... Read More

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