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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 334 pages.

Book Review


by Nancy Powell

"Alone" is a detailed coming-of-age story about survival and identity. In C. D. Shelton’s young adult adventure "Alone", a plane crash forces a rebellious teen to confront his role in his rift with his distant, workaholic father. Wall... Read More

Book Review


by John M. Murray

"Visions" is a polished detective story centered on the cost of doing the right thing. S. T. McCrea’s captivating paranormal thriller, "Visions", pits a supernaturally gifted school teacher against the physical embodiment of evil. A... Read More

Book Review

Operation ARGUS

by Delia Stanley

This is a suspenseful tale whose descriptions of how military men reintegrate into civilian life are particularly authentic. Willy Mitchell’s dramatic suspense novel Operation Argus weaves true experiences and historic events into a... Read More

Book Review

Sugar Land

by Hannah Hohman

In tammy lynne stoner’s quietly powerful "Sugar Land", Dara is in love with a woman—her best friend, Rhodie. But that is a sin in 1923 in Texas, and it’s one that Dara decides to root out of herself by any means possible. That... Read More

Book Review

The Silver Horn Echoes

by Eva Schegulla

This excellent historical tale is driven by action and heart-pounding heroism. "The Silver Horn Echoes" by Michael Eging and Steve Arnold is a sweeping historical epic that is rich in its characters, plot, and legend. Built around the... Read More

Book Review

Spirit in the Rock

by Joseph S. Pete

Compton skillfully brings to life a fierce fight on the frontier. Jim Compton’s "Spirit in the Rock" tells the captivating story of the Modoc War, the most expensive Indian conflict in American history. This well-researched book by a... Read More

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