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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 333 pages.

Book Review

Iron String

by Kristine Morris

Though filled with grisly war images, this novelization is an inspiring story of the power of love. Rudy Revak’s "Iron String", based on the story of his family’s experiences during World War II, is a testament to the power of love,... Read More

Book Review

A Promise

by Caitlynn Lowe

Love transcends even the horrors of war in this culturally attuned new novel. War creates victims on all sides, but love can serve as a grounding force even in the midst of intense hatred. Antonio Roy’s "A Promise" tells the story of a... Read More

Book Review

Raging Fire, Roaring Thunder

by Jill Allen

The author of three nonfiction books, architectural engineer A. A. Alexander tries his hand at his first novel with "Raging Fire, Roaring Thunder". The book chronicles the trials and triumphs of Ryan Stewart and Betsy Miller, a couple... Read More

Book Review

Barefooted Soul

"Barefooted Soul" is the memoir of Imelda Roberts a recipient of the Ellis Island Medal Of Honor in 2006. The book with accompanying music CD is a true testament to the American spirit and the human soul as Roberts shares her stories... Read More

Book Review

The Midnight Special

by Mark Terry

Like the turning of carefully synchronized gears, like the tinkling orchestrations of an antique music box, Karp’s book makes music. And like one of the minor characters, a street kid named Jitters who has a bizarre neurological... Read More