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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 327 pages.

Book Review

Remote Not Distant

by Joseph S. Pete

"Remote Not Distant" envisions a new kind of workplace wherein employees have more freedom, and are more productive, collaborative, and innovative, than ever before. Gustavo Razzetti’s business guide "Remote Not Distant" is about... Read More

Book Review

Beyond the Horizon

by Ho Lin

Trials and tragedies can spur artists to great heights, but they can also undermine everything they’ve worked for. Such is the weighty conundrum behind Eoin Lane’s "Beyond the Horizon", about six decades of an artist’s life on the... Read More

Book Review

Reality™ 2048

by Mari Carlson

"Reality™ 2048" is an epic dystopia that warns about the dangers of consumerism. In Derek Cressman’s dystopian novel "Reality™ 2048", the future is dominated by infotainment and consumption is the name of the game. Globalia is one... Read More

Book Review

Red Stick Two

by Katerie Prior

"Red Stick Two" is an appealing modern adventure that idealizes honor. Kenneth Kirkeby’s "Red Stick Two" is a gripping, action-rich novel about a CIA rescue mission that explores the nature of honor between heroes. Virgil is a Wyoming... Read More

Book Review

The Last Falcon

by Carolyn Bailey

Two years after witnessing the murder of her father at the hand of horse thieves, sixteen-year-old Erynn has found a place for herself as a servant in King Wryden’s palace. Unsurprisingly, she is still haunted by memories of the day... Read More

Book Review

The Lie

by Julia Ann Charpentier

In this twist on the traditional doppelganger tale, a downtrodden woman is given the opportunity of a lifetime—a frightening encounter with her other self. Unhappy and struggling, Susanne has never known a world of opportunity,... Read More

Book Review

The Odyssey of Danny Helm

by Todd Mercer

It is the eve of the Civil War and Danny Helm’s life is pretty miserable. He slops pigs seven days a week on his father’s failing farm in the Ozarks between humiliating beatings from a sadistic older brother. His mother is dead from... Read More

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