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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 326 pages.

Book Review

The Marmalade Diaries

by Meg Nola

Ben Aitken’s "The Marmalade Diaries", is about becoming housemates with a much older stranger during Britain’s second Covid-19 lockdown. Aitken met Winnie in October of 2020. Winnie’s children were concerned about their... Read More

Book Review

The Redeemed

by Matt Benzing

In the post-apocalyptic novel "The Redeemed", human beings who may have lost their access to the future struggle with what they should believe. R. V. Minkler’s thrilling novel "The Redeemed" is an apocalyptic adventure with a spiritual... Read More

Book Review

Love and Other Sins

by Karen Rigby

Troubled Los Angeles high schoolers unite in Emilia Ares’s romance novel "Love and Other Sins". The daughter of Russian immigrants, Mina isolates herself, assuming a capable demeanor. Her father is absent, and her mother, despite... Read More

Book Review

Kingdom Financing

by John M. Murray

Based on a singular interpretation of the Bible, the short stories of "Kingdom Financing" suggest means of improving one’s financial and moral life. Milton Maye’s biblical short story collection "Kingdom Financing" uses short... Read More

Book Review

Paradise Earth

by Mari Carlson

"Paradise Earth" is a provocative literary novel that highlights the complex relationship between violence and compassion. In Amy Barker’s existential novel "Paradise Earth", a trio faces demons on a Tasmanian peninsula that’s known... Read More

Book Review

The Quest

by Delia Stanley

"The Quest" is an epic historical novel that centers on Lakota spirituality. In Charles Richard Latona’s absorbing novel "The Quest", a Lakota holy man takes on a new student and cares for the physical and spiritual health of his... Read More

Book Review

Hunting the Caliphate

by Erika Harlitz Kern

"Hunting the Caliphate" is a raw and honest account of how ISIS was beaten, told from the inside by those who brought the caliphate down. Dana J. H. Pittard and Wes J. Bryant’s dual memoir "Hunting the Caliphate" reveals the inner... Read More

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