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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 326 pages.

Book Review

Karma Wears Versace

by Benjamin Welton

The excitement in this police procedural hinges on science and on the book’s great central character. Rod Palmer’s stylish and heavy-hitting detective thriller "Karma Wears Versace" features a tenacious detective who takes on a... Read More

Book Review

The Spectral Arctic

by Susan Waggoner

In "The Spectral Arctic", Shane McCorristine focuses on early explorations of the Arctic. Citing numerous reports of ghostly presences, uncharacteristically strong belief in omens, and seemingly prophetic dreams, he notes that paranormal... Read More

Book Review

Runaway Ray

by Joseph S. Pete

The storytelling shows real flair, conjuring up the personal history of a man who shrouded his truths from those closest to him. Lorena Weaver’s multigenerational saga "Runaway Ray" is a full-bodied novel that draws upon a captivating... Read More

Book Review

Clara at the Edge

by John M. Murray

Clara’s story unspools in a compelling and engaging way. "Clara at the Edge" is a weird and engaging story of a widow, some wasps, and a traumatic past, a story that explores the importance of human connection. Seventy-three-year-old... Read More

Book Review

Harwoods of Darwen

by Angela McQuay

This is an amazingly well-researched account of a large, interesting family in the 1800s. Exhaustive research and a keen interest in where he came from led to Michael Harwood’s extensively detailed family history, which continues in... Read More

Book Review

Far Stones

by Gary Presley

"Far Stones" offers a fascinating glimpse into an underexplored aspect of the history of the American West. A saga rendered in authentic detail, Loren Woodson’s "Far Stones" is an appealing classic adventure story made exceptional by... Read More

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