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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 322 pages.

Book Review

The Goose Fritz

by Meagan Logsdon

Among the strands that shape a person’s identity, family may be one of the most influential. Sergei Lebedev delves into one such family in "The Goose Fritz", an impressive tangle of branches in a single ancestral tree. Kirill has... Read More

Book Review


by Nancy Powell

"Slower" is creative superhero story, deft in its use of history and physics to make the implausible seem plausible. In Ted Shepherd’s coming-of-age novel "Slower", a teenager contends with the life-changing and history-changing... Read More

Book Review

Norse Hearts

by Karen Rigby

The novel doesn’t gloss over the realities of Viking life but is careful to draw characters with shaded nuances. Robynn Gabel’s bristling ninth-century romance "Norse Hearts" forges an unlikely match against the violence of the era.... Read More

Book Review

Clean Time

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

Ben Gwin’s complex debut novel is based around a fictional reality television sensation, "Clean Time", that has catapulted various interested parties—from pharmaceutical corporations to rehab centers—to unimaginable wealth. For a... Read More

Book Review

Ludlow Lost

by Catherine Thureson

Ludlow is a bright young man who, on his eleventh birthday, is kidnapped by a fairy. He is taken aboard a ship called the Anathema, which is captained by a screaming banshee named Morag and crewed by smelly, and very forgetful, goblins.... Read More

Book Review

The Night Language

by Claire Foster

Oscar Wilde called gay love “the love which dare not speak its name” when homosexual relationships were illegal, stigmatized, and taboo. "The Night Language", by David Rocklin, revisits such a time, finding gay men closeted not only... Read More

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