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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 320 pages.

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Book Review

Inner Alchemy

by Kristine Morris

This is a New Age text that not only teaches concepts, but works to train one’s mind, body, and spirit to take action in the world. Zulma Reyo’s New Age text "Inner Alchemy" is a practical, inspiring guide to the mastery and... Read More

Book Review

The Rules of Arrangement

by Delia Stanley

In Anisha Bhatia’s romance novel The Rules of Arrangement, a woman struggles to reconcile her traditions with her ambition. At twenty-six, Zoya is reflective and driven. She already has an accomplished career in advertising; her... Read More

Book Review

Paradise, WV

by Claire Foster

In the layered thriller "Paradise, WV", a rural town suffers from the “municipal leprosy” of the stigmatized opioid epidemic. A string of grisly murders links the misery of the town’s present to its gory past—and to a convicted... Read More

Book Review


by Carolina Ciucci

"Secrets" is a sensational story about how swinging and espionage merged in the 1980s. With names changed to preserve anonymity, Zillary Zahn’s intriguing cultural history "Secrets" focuses on the possible role that swing parties... Read More

Book Review

Brain Storm

by Molly Sprayregen

"Brain Storm" is a gut-wrenching memoir that moves from extreme abuse to healing and forgiveness. Shelley Kolton’s heartbreaking memoir "Brain Storm" covers her long-term battle with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), once referred... Read More

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