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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 320 pages.

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Book Review

Not My Ruckus

by Karen Rigby

"Not My Ruckus" is an incisive novel that probes people’s dark motivations, but ends with hope. Chad Musick’s "Not My Ruckus" is a brutal, potent psychological drama about abused teenagers, revenge, and friendship in 1980s Texas.... Read More

Book Review

How to Make a Life

by Karen Rigby

"How to Make a Life" is a sharp historical novel whose panoptic view of family relationships makes its secrets, estrangements, and reconciliations satisfying. In Florence Reiss Kraut’s arresting multigenerational novel "How to Make a... Read More

Book Review

Hunting Trophy

by Delia Stanley

In the international mystery "Hunting Trophy", murder, magic, and mayhem visit the tense and tangled African diamond trade. In Bob Gibson’s mystery novel "Hunting Trophy", powerful men control Zimbabwe’s diamond export business;... Read More

Book Review

The Terroir of Whiskey

by Jeff Fleischer

Wine enthusiasts know the importance of terroir: environmental factors, and how grapes are grown, impact the flavor of the beverage. In "The Terroir of Whiskey", Rob Arnold—a whiskey distiller with a PhD in plant genetics—explores... Read More

Book Review

Valiant Savage

by John M. Murray

Dave Edlund’s riveting action thriller, "Valiant Savage", blends history and science fiction as Peter Savage and his company perfect a technological weapon meant to lead to a paradigm shift on the battlefield. Things go awry when the... Read More

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