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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 318 pages.

Book Review


by Benjamin Welton

Ronald S. Barak’s latest Brooks/Lotello thriller, "Payback", is a whodunit that takes place at the Thriller Jubilee, a mystery writers’ conference on a Spanish island. Cyrus Brooks, a retired federal court judge, and Frank Lotello, a... Read More

Book Review

Accidental Encounters

by Drema Drudge

Tender takes on brotherhood and meditations on fate enliven this political thriller. Coincidences and the bonds of brotherly love direct George Friesen’s political thriller, "Accidental Encounters". The Bigelow brothers, Dave and Bob,... Read More

Book Review

A Life Rebuilt

by Mari Carlson

Emotionally satisfying without becoming sentimental, "A Life Rebuilt" is a memoir that works to come to terms with a complicated past. In her emotional memoir "A Life Rebuilt", Sylvia Gutmann forges a new future by reviving her lost... Read More

Book Review

Paper Is White

by Mya Alexice

Hilary Zaid’s earnest and moving "Paper Is White" explores the intersection of lesbian and Jewish identity through its memorable characters, Ellen and Francine, as they try to get married in the 1990s. Their intriguing story is genuine... Read More

Book Review

Roxie & Fred

by Claire Foster

Sharp and sensual, Roxie and Fred is a provocative love story that explores a May-December relationship. Is it ever too late to fall in love again? On her way into her eighties, Roxie is in a contemplative phase. She has had her share of... Read More

Book Review

That Crazy Perfect Someday

by Hannah Hohman

Mafuri Long is a young woman with ambition. She wants an Olympic gold medal, and as the only woman to have ridden an eighty-foot wave, she knows she is ready. The only thing stopping her is her father’s depression. Mafuri takes... Read More

Book Review

What the River Wants

by Amanda Adams

Exploring the notion of home and the importance of family, "What the River Wants" is a must-read southern tale. "What the River Wants" by Arthur Byrd is an engrossing tale of the transformative power of family and friendship. Tasked with... Read More

Book Review

Crossing the Red

by John M. Murray

Bear Kotah’s Comanche background makes him a unique hero in this unique and fascinating entry into the genre. "Crossing the Red" by Arch Gibson paints a portrait of a veteran who, while coping with the aftermath of war, is driven to... Read More

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