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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 304 pages.

Book Review

The People We Choose

by Karen Rigby

Family, friendship, and love convene in "The People We Choose", Katelyn Detweiler’s sensitive novel about a teenager’s revelatory summer. Not long before she turns eighteen, Calliope starts dating Max, her new artistic neighbor;... Read More

Book Review

Euphoria Kids

by Catherine Thureson

In Alison Evans’s fantastical novel "Euphoria Kids", three LGBTQ+ teenagers learn about the magic stirring in the forest around their Australian home. Babs is made of fire. When she was small, she was cursed by a witch. Now, she is... Read More

Book Review

Lost in Summerland

by Peter Dabbene

Barrett Swanson’s eloquent book "Lost in Summerland" combines personal essays, journalism, and travelogues into a memorable collection. The book opens with “Notes from a Last Man,” which at first seems to be an essay about spending... Read More

Book Review

The Great Guide

by Melissa Wuske

Julian Baggini’s "The Great Guide" approaches David Hume as an example for living a rich life. Rooted in a biography of Enlightenment philosopher David Hume, this detailed book focuses on his insights into human nature. It showcases... Read More

Book Review

Living Within the Wild

by Rebecca Foster

Mother–daughter pair Kirsten and Mandy Dixon manages a set of family businesses in Alaska, including two lodges, a café, and a cooking school. Their cookbook, "Living Within the Wild", collects rustic yet elegant recipes that serve as... Read More

Book Review


by Eileen Gonzalez

In Elly Bangs’s science fiction novel "Unity", two people, haunted by their past deeds, outrun an apocalypse to find new purpose. Danae was already planning her escape from Bloom City, an underwater aquapolis, when the war started. She... Read More

Book Review

One Stupid Thing

by Klay Dyer

In the young adult mystery novel "One Stupid Thing", three teenagers believe they caused a fatal car accident on a Nantucket summer evening. Sophia, Trevor, and Jamie all have their lives change in dramatic ways after the accident. Their... Read More

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