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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 304 pages.

Book Review

The Hidden Half

by Matt Sutherland

While it is politically inconvenient at times, science is certainly real and deserving of respect. Not to say that science doesn’t deserve scrutiny. Like experts in other fields, scientists too often lack the humility to acknowledge... Read More

Book Review

The Girl Who Wasn't There

by Jeremiah Rood

Set in Lake Placid, the sharp-minded thriller The Girl Who Wasn’t There plays with expectations about whom to trust. Sydney had dreams of being a doctor, and he had the smarts to make it happen. Instead, he became the bagman for one of... Read More

Book Review

This Is Not the Jess Show

by Jaime Herndon

Anna Carey’s young adult novel This is Not the Jess Show starts in a familiar fashion, with a teenager in the suburbs dealing with drama. But there are unsettling events, too: Jess hears a chorus of chants in the morning, her dog has... Read More

Book Review


by Mari Carlson

In Zarrar Said’s epic novel "Pureland", a servant turned physicist wrestles with science, faith, and love. Salim is born a Pureland plebeian in 1950, but a levitating ascetic prophesies future greatness for him, influencing his fate.... Read More

Book Review

Crooked Hallelujah

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Three troubled but tough generations of women, all molded and wounded by the Pentecostal culture around them, are celebrated in Kelli Jo Ford’s masterpiece, patchwork novel, "Crooked Hallelujah". Religion became a source of both... Read More

Book Review

Bee People

by Kristen Rabe

Frank Mortimer’s "Bee People" is an entertaining introduction to the world of beekeeping, drawn from Mortimer’s extensive experience raising bees in suburban New Jersey. The book’s topics will appeal to novices, experts, and the... Read More

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