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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 292 pages.

Book Review

The Watchers' War

by John M. Murray

The Watchers’ War is a deep, dynamic fantasy adventure with promise for its sequels. In John Montgomery’s high fantasy The Watchers’ War, an ancient evil threatens the land as a young man comes into his power. In a land filled with... Read More

Book Review

Beloved Mother

by Karen Rigby

Hunter’s unforgettable historical novel focuses on the circumstances that warp some personalities and strengthen others. Spirited and sorrowful, Laura Hunter’s "Beloved Mother" depicts the cruelties that shape generations in an... Read More

Book Review

Code Name: Zeus

by Aimee Jodoin

This ideologically libertarian historical novel follows immigrants who become millionaires, believing that people can work together to change the world. Spanning the entirety of the twentieth century, Gary Andersen’s historical novel... Read More

Book Review

How the Light Gets In

by Hannah Hohman

Wyatt’s world is literally falling apart in "How the Light Gets In", an engrossing yet subtly profound story about a teenager consumed by misery—until he leaves reality. Wyatt is fairly certain that he was once normal, but he can’t... Read More

Book Review

Tiger Farms

by Benjamin Welton

"Tiger Farms" is a heroic tale, an action story, and a morality play all in one—and thoroughly fun. The battle between the East and the West is an old canard. Matthew James’s debut novel "Tiger Farms" takes this old duel and injects... Read More

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