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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 292 pages.

Book Review

The Risk Paradox

by Matt Benzing

"The Risk Paradox" is a valuable psychological exploration in which the experiences of a hundred adventurous risk-takers are mined for lessons in decision-making. Alan Ying and Doug Schneider’s "The Risk Paradox" explores the... Read More

Book Review

The Sisters Sputnik

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Time travelers, storytellers, and evolving synthetic beings lead Terri Favro’s tour de force novel. There are approximately two and a half thousand alternate worlds that Debbie knows of—one for each nuclear blast set off in Earth... Read More

Book Review

A House Full of Windsor

by John M. Murray

A hoarding matriarch throws a family into disarray in the endearing novel "A House Full of Windsor". Sarah delivers advice as the host of a beloved morning show segment in New York. When the ratings drop, she begins to have doubts about... Read More

Book Review

A Step Too Far

by Delia Stanley

In the dramatic novel "A Step Too Far", both love and hate are motivating forces. In Joanna North’s psychological thriller "A Step Too Far", an aggressive child grows up to wreak havoc on his family. After years of compliance and... Read More

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