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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 272 pages.

Book Review

Picturing Apollo 11

by Matt Sutherland

In the middle of the last century, before Vietnam, Iraq, immigration woes, global warming denial, and other spoilers damaged the brand, the United States enjoyed rock star status for leading the Allies to victory in WWII, defending the... Read More

Book Review

Dakota in Exile

by Joe Taylor

In "Dakota in Exile", Linda M. Clemmons tells the little-known story of the Dakota from their perspective: how their men were executed and imprisoned while their women and children were sent to a distant, barren land. Clemmons examines... Read More

Book Review

Making Eden

by Barry Silverstein

"Making Eden" is a sweeping history of plant evolution that demonstrates both the development and fragility of plant life. Natural sciences professor David Beerling’s book is a comprehensive evolutionary history that traces the birth... Read More

Book Review

So the Doves

by Hilary Daninhirsch

Heidi James’s "So the Doves" triumphs with just the right blend of psychological suspense and lilting prose that practically dances off the page. Spanning over two decades, the slim but mighty novel tells the story of Marcus, a... Read More

Book Review

Project XS

by Delia Stanley

Descriptions play on the senses in this exciting science fiction thriller that focuses on AI. A. Calans’s science fiction novel "Project XS" questions humanity’s ability to handle artificially intelligent machines. Matt and Kayla... Read More

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