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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 272 pages.

Book Review

Project XS

by Delia Stanley

Descriptions play on the senses in this exciting science fiction thriller that focuses on AI. A. Calans’s science fiction novel "Project XS" questions humanity’s ability to handle artificially intelligent machines. Matt and Kayla... Read More

Book Review

Fatboy Fall Down

by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers

The Bocas are a developing nation’s sleepy backwater until oil is discovered. For Orbits, sudden wealth is as unreliable as happiness, though; both are a thin veneer over his fear that “Maybe we in these islands are just floaters and... Read More

Book Review

Women Who Dared

by Kristine Morris

Women have always done courageous, daring, and creative things, but their contributions have too long remained hidden. Jeremy Scott’s "Women Who Dared" helps remedy this situation with brief biographies of six women who rebelled... Read More

Book Review

The Westside Slugger

by Jeff Fleischer

Joe Neal served thirty-two years in Nevada’s state legislature. He was the first African American state senator in the notoriously unequal state’s history and emerged as an important voice for civil rights and economic opportunity.... Read More

Book Review

Farming for the Long Haul

by Barry Silverstein

Michael Foley is the ideal author for a book about the future of farming: He operates a small family farm and knows what it means to work the land. He also knows the perils that small farmers face. Foley writes with eloquence and reason,... Read More

Book Review

Justice in Plain Sight

by Jeff Fleischer

With the importance of a free press and the rule of law rightly in the national conversation, Dan Bernstein’s "Justice in Plain Sight" is a timely release, detailing a California paper’s Supreme Court battles over the press and... Read More

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