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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 272 pages.

Book Review

Shaken Awake

by Jeremiah Rood

"Shaken Awake" is a heartwarming Christian novel about a church waking up to change the world in necessary ways. Allen Madding’s gripping Christian novel, "Shaken Awake", imagines what might happen if a local church really tried to... Read More

Book Review

This Little Family

by Mari Carlson

Inès Bayard’s novel This Little Family, translated from French, is about the devastating aftermath of a rape. Raised in a loving household outside of Paris, Marie moves into the city as an adult. She works, dines out, and promenades... Read More

Book Review

The World Eats Here

by Rachel Jagareski

Six years ago, John Wang and Storm Garner pooled their talents to start the terrifically popular Queens Night Market. The venue brings together food vendors from diverse culinary traditions on summer Saturday nights. "The World Eats... Read More

Book Review

The Unseen

by Michelle Anne Schingler

Chronicling one generation of a hardscrabble island family’s life, Roy Jacobsen’s novel "The Unseen" is a pearlescent tribute to the alchemy of the sea. Ingrid, a bright-eyed child whose laughter is her family’s solace, is born on... Read More

Book Review


by Monica Carter

Kristen Millares Young’s novel "Subduction" is rife with personal struggles, confrontations, and the pain of memory. Claudia, a Latinx anthropology professor, escapes a barren marriage and the life that she built in Seattle after... Read More

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