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Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 248 pages.

Book Review


by Rebecca Foster

William Sheehan and Sanjay Shridhar Limaye’s "Venus" is a comprehensive introduction to historical and current research into Venus, as well as its representations in popular culture. Apart from the Moon, Venus is the brightest object... Read More

Book Review

Why Patti Smith Matters

by Jeff Fleischer

Veteran music journalist Caryn Rose became an instant Patti Smith fan at the age of twelve, when she saw Smith appear on Saturday Night Live. Her book "Why Patti Smith Matters" brings that fan enthusiasm to bear, resulting in an... Read More

Book Review

Public Faces, Secret Lives

by Meg Nola

Wendy L. Rouse’s historical survey "Public Faces, Secret Lives" reveals the LGBTQ+ side of the fight for women’s suffrage. Many suffragists, Rouse says, were “very queer”—a term that, in the book, extends to suffragists who... Read More

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