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Reviews of Books with 240 Pages

Here are all of the books we've reviewed that have 240 pages.

Book Review

The Double Happiness Cookbook

by Melissa Wuske

Accomplished chef Trevor Lui shares delectable, Asian-inspired recipes in his inventive "The Double Happiness Cookbook". These recipes, which break the bounds of cuisine and culture, begin with Lui’s story. He grew up as a... Read More

Book Review

All Abroad

by Karen Rigby

Marveling over the act of voyaging, Geoffrey Weill’s "All Abroad" is a quintessential travel text. Recalling time tables and hotels, iconic poster designs, and the New York office of the Thomas Cook travel group, the book records... Read More

Book Review

Manchester Christmas

by Claire Foster

Stuffed to the seams with wholesome holiday cheer, "Manchester Christmas" is an adorable Christian romance set in a snow globe-worthy small town in Vermont. At the beginning of the fall, Chase, a cute-as-a-button writer, drives her... Read More

Book Review

The Spell

by John M. Murray

With story lines that warn against focusing too much on the future and not enjoying the present, "The Spell" is a captivating fantasy novel. In C. V. Shaw’s endearing fantasy novel "The Spell", a curse befalls a royal family and... Read More

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